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Millenium Meditations includes 4x guided meditation mp3s with a perfect method for Creating Your Reality, healing emotion, finding confidence, using anxiety & stress therapy with our Easy Guided Meditation MP3s!

You can learn to meditate by plugging in your headset to your MP3 player! Complete self exploration, healing and mental focus at any time, anyplace.

How to Meditate, learn to unblock creative energy, be ready to attract your dream partner or find your guide to help you with stress, anxiety or spiritual healing within minutes!!

Here's Some Reasons to Meditate NOW!

You learn how to meditate for spiritual healing!

You will be happier, healthier, more energized and focussed!

What if you can attract your ideal career?

You get guided meditation audio MP3s!

Learn to beat stress & anxiety!

You will be taken through the entire process
with our guided meditation audio MP3s!

See Dina Cramer Talking about Millennium Meditations!


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Meditation is a powerful tool for self-development and healing. It involves quietening the mind in order to gain access to our higher self — that part of us that is divinely connected — connected to a higher wisdom, a higher consciousness.

It is in this state that we go beyond the constant hammering of our conscious thoughts, beyond the illusions of life that limit us, in order to discover the deeper whisperings of our soul.

Our conscious thoughts (or ego) often keep us engaged in repetitive patterns of limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Once you go beyond the conscious mind, you are able to more clearly see the illusions that hold you back, and you move into a space where you choose whether to hold on to these limiting patterns or to release them and move forward with your life — to empower yourself.

When you are in a meditative state, you have gone beyond a physical reality into an energy or spiritual reality.

In this reality anything is possible — you are limitless.


The Secret to Creating Your Reality can Help you OUT by using MEDITATION!

The new millennium brings with it a shift in consciousness, creating a spiritual awakening. It ALSO brought its own challenges over booms & economic recessions that caused much anxiety, stress and depression.

You may have experienced high and low emotions, relationships that came and went. Stress and anxiety causes strain on all areas of your life and healing of any kind brings therapy & balance to life.

The Creating Your Reality meditation mp3 is just one of the audio files you get when you get the Easy2Meditate mp3s and e-book.

Can you learn to attract the money you want?
What if you can attract the career you dream about?
What is it about some people always getting their way?

People are realizing that meditation is a powerful tool for helping to create their reality, for healing old emotions & self-development.

What's the lesson? Learn to Meditate!

Discover how meditation has successfully helped many people reach a higher state of enlightenment and understand that you can change your life.

By getting the Easy2Meditate set of meditation mp3 audio files and Millennium Meditation ebook you can create a more confident, healthy and more focused version of yourself!

What does science say about it?

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of healing. There are many different formats that meditation can take and so the idea is that you have a guided meditation to start you off.

Tip# 1: Start with a meditation guide

Meditation can be used for spiritual healing, to clear the mind, create success and abundance, improve relationships, improve health, relaxation, lower stress, lower anxiety & enable therapy to name a few.

Many people are moving to know self and are realizing that meditation is a way to get in touch with their emotions & heal relationships. Books like "The New Earth" and "The Secret" provide proof of this movement to seek your purpose and blend it with reality. Find your guide and balance your life by pursuing your purpose.

Meditation is used in study by many Eastern cultures as it enlightens the mind and state of mental thought. Meditation creates a state of mind that is primed for learning in this instance. Some schools are beginning to use guided meditation in the class room to improve study results!

Tip# 2: Guided Meditation leads to Enlightened State

Meditation has been proven to lower stress, decrease anxiety and improve depression levels. It is one of the reasons why therapy is developing to include meditation for healing.

If you can benefit by using meditations for stress management, healing relationships & emotions then it's EASY to START.

Just download the Meditation MP3s & play
by clicking Add to cart below!

According to the National Center for Complementary Medicine, meditation is among the TOP 10 alternative therapy treatments.

So, is meditation a religion? Some think so but it is more a belief in self awareness. It can be termed a science as numerous studies show that those who practice meditation feel relaxed, are physically fit, have improvements in academic achievements & enjoy an increase in productivity at work.

Tip# 3: Meditation is a Belief in Self Awareness

How did the word meditation come about?

It comes from two Latin words. The first is called "Meditari" which means to think, dwell upon or to exercise the mind! The second word is "Mederi" which is to heal.

Putting these two Latin meanings together you get a clear idea on what meditation is & how it can benefit you.

Quick Benefit: Sharpen your mind

By taking time to learn meditation, you will give yourself a skill that you can practice to sharpen your mind, focus your thoughts & ensure stress management.

Are there different types of Meditation?

Due to meditation going back centuries certain meditations have movements. The two main movements focus on meditation techniques with different approaches.

Much meditation involves a focus of your attention on breathing, an image or a sound to create a greater awareness and clarity in the mind.

Other types of meditation is when a person sits quietly, and reflects on his or her thoughts, feelings & sensations. Many different things may come to mind during this time but without any action being taken during the meditation so that when you awake you see what needs to be done in the bigger picture.

Tell me more...

Meditation is used to help in stress management which lowers blood pressure and keeps the risk of heart disease low. Not only do people that learn meditation techniques have improved health but also inner peace of mind.

Quick Benefit: Visualise your goals

Sport's men and women use a form of meditation when training. Olympic athletes often use a meditation technique that focuses on their end result - meditation visualisation technique. Amazing right?

How often have you seen athletes getting ready to do their event and are so focused on their goal that they actually visualise it before doing it? You can actually see high jumpers, weight lifters and long jump athletes running the entire process in their mind before they even do it!

A number of studies have proven that athletes that meditate with a focus on seeing themselves doing their sport, actually running, swimming or jumping cause physical changes in their body and muscles without doing the activity.

How is this possible? Through the centuries people of all ages, gender and culture have in one form or another practiced a meditation technique. It might not be called meditation but it is the same thing.

Can it be? A collection of thought and focus during a quiet time with one specific thought in mind or perhaps none at all but a flow of ideas and concepts blending in a sequence without priority. Sounds very much like an individual focus session on the self. An internal checkup...

What does this mean today? There's an EVER-INCREASING DEMAND for your TIME and MONEY and that means STRESS!

Quick Benefit: Lower Stress & Anxiety

We won't bore you with the whole "how this could happen" story because you'd still be here at Christmas... but what you will want to know is this:

You can...

Help yourself OUT in Tough Times!

Start Meditating!
Become more Focused!!
Manage your stress!

Find Success!


Learn how to meditate by listening to the FOUR GUIDED Meditation audio MP3s you can download instantly.

You get the Chakra Cleansing and Chakra Balancing MP3 free when you get the Easy2Meditate Package called Millennium Meditations. Or you could sign up for it and download it straight to your inbox using the form above.

If you aren't the reading type then that's no problem. You can listen to the guided meditation techniques on your PC, while commuting on public transport or on the MP3 player.

All you do is make a Meditation CD for yourself using Free Wndows Media Player software and burn a CD from the Meditation MP3 files to make a meditation CD with wav files.

You are allowed to make one Meditation CD for your own use using the Meditation Mp3 files...

The Four Fantastic Meditation Mp3 files include:

1. Connecting to your guides and receiving guidance for the New Millennium.
2. Creating your reality- intentions for the New Millennium.
3. Becoming a beacon of Light & Love- thereby healing yourself and the world.
4. Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

You can read about other benefits and numerous testimonials!

Relaxing in your favourite spot with a great book can be so rewarding! By doing so, you can enjoy the Millenium Meditations book that covers many different aspects of meditation including Chakras, Finding your Guide and Introduction to Meditation.

You also get to benefit from a healing meditation for relationships and your emotions. As your time is in such high demand, emotions run high and relationships are put under major anxiety and pressure! Money is increasingly in demand too!

Take out just 15-20 MINUTES a day to practice meditation to calm the mind and set inner calm and focus.

Meditation MP3

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This is a great opportunity for YOU TO START Meditatiing right now!

The thing about meditation is that your skill level is not important. All that is important is that you listen to the meditation MP3 files and read the Millennium Meditations book so YOU can boost your meditation experience!

Major time is not required. You can download the Meditation MP3 files instantly and transfer them to your PC, memory card or MP3 player to listen where you are!

Quick Benefit: Time out

Take your share of the busy day to have a time out for you to read Millennium Meditations and grow your understanding of exactly what meditation healing, Chakra cleansing & Chakra balancing is and Finding your Guide. It's up to you right now!

Meditation Testamonial photo

"I bought the Millennium Meditations MP3 pack when it first came out in order to prepare myself mentally, physically and spiritually for the new millennium. I was impressed by the fact that there were four separate meditation MP3s, all for different purposes and all about the right length for me. I tend to fall asleep if they are too long."

"I immediately connected with Dina’s soothing voice, such a change from the transatlantic accents on other meditation CDs or MP3s. I found that I was able to go quite deep very quickly, something I had always struggled with being a bit of a beginner at meditation."

"I am not ashamed to say that I became addicted to Dina’s lovely voice and her meditations. Not only did I enjoy the actual listening experience but found that the desired changes were starting to happen in my life. I played the Meditation MP3s on CD almost every day for years, so much so in fact that I “wore it out” and had to contact Dina to get another one as I couldn’t find it in the shops or at the spiritual fayres."

"In the meantime I bought two other CDs from local retailer just for chakra cleansing, but they were a waste of money. I tried them a few times but without success. I was so glad when the replacement Meditation CD arrived, and realised how much I had missed it. Two of my chakras had become completely blocked and I was feeling “out of sorts”. "

"Thank you Dina for helping me to meditate effectively and for helping me to achieve a more positive outlook in all aspects of my life."

Tony Hayward ~ Feb 2009



Millennium Meditations book contains testimonials, lessons on meditating & background on why you can't ignore starting right now...

The Millennium Meditations book is packed with meditation techiques for healing, finding your guides & breaking bad cycles. Once you start a daily meditation , you can reap rewards & benefits many times over for very little effort on your part.

In our Introduction of Millennium Meditations we go right into WHY IT'S SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO MEDITATE?

How to meditate on page 23

How meditation changed my life we cover on page 32

In the first section of Millennnium Meditations we START THE JOURNEY into MEDITATION!

Chapter 2 focuses on CONNECTING TO YOUR GUIDES & receiving guidance for the new Millennium is on page 35

We discuss EXACTLY What are Guides on page 36

You find out how to use Prayer for receiving Guidance 37

Find out about Meeting your Guides on page 38

Receiving messages from your Guides 40

The prayer gesture is explained on page 45

IN CHAPTER 2, LEARN ABOUT CREATING YOUR REALITY — Intentions for the New Millennium 47

How to go about Creating your reality you want pg.50

How your Thoughts play a 51

Words become vital on pg 52

Your Actions determine so much pg 55

Trust, faith and gratitude 57

Making space for our creations 58

Fear, power and physical seductions 59

Surrendering personal will to Divine Will 61

Working with intentions 64  



The power of love 70

Love vs. fear 71

Unconditional love 72



What are chakras? 77

Rainbow colours 82

Location of chakras 82

The spin of chakras 83

The Chakras: Root, sacral, solar plexus, heart,

throat, third eye and crown 85

Working with the chakras 98


Bottom line: It's quite revealing!!


...When We Reveal How Much YOU will benefit You Probably Won't Believe Us!

What's more, inside Millennium Meditations, you also get to benefit from the following too:

Yes To beekeeping How To Meditate

Yes To beekeepingLearn about how little time of your day it takes to change your life for the better

Yes To beekeepingFind out how to break old patterns, heal emotions

Yes To beekeepingLearn how to Create the Space for Meditation

Yes To beekeeping Go with your Energy Flow

Yes To beekeepingAchieve your life purpose

Yes To beekeepingAttract the career, the love and the life you want!

Yes To beekeepingBring balance into your life

Yes To beekeepingCreate your reality

Yes To beekeepingBe the confident, successful & balanced you!

Yes To beekeepingMeditate by using Guided Meditation on your MP3 player

Yes To beekeepingHow to treat resistance when you start out

Yes To beekeepingRead up about meditation before starting by reading

Yes To beekeepingStart at Meditation 3 for new users for upliftment

Yes To beekeepingSet your Meditation Posture ready for energy

Yes To beekeeping Unblock YOUR energy flow

Yes To beekeeping Increase Creativity & decrease Stress

Yes To beekeeping Master breathing for a heightened state of awareness

Yes To beekeepingAllow yourself to be guided

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We Reveal How GOOD it is for you to Start Meditation !...

Negative emotions, thoughts and events are stored in the cells of the physical body and in the energy of body. Meditation creates a space where the body can let go of these toxins in order to facilitate healing.

This healing can occur on many different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Meditation leaves one with a sense of lightness, vitality and well-being. A feeling of bliss!

Quick Benefit: Improved Physical & Emotional health

The benefits of meditation are numerous. Meditation has been shown to:

• decrease stress (the number one cause of illnesses),
• enhance creativity,
• increase vitality,
• and facilitate self-healing therapy.

I show you how you can "break bad cycles and patterns " using your Chakra meditation.

I "walk" you through your meditation, how to find your guides and chakra balancing and cleansing. Do you find that you often repeat the same patterns in life, meet the same type of partner, get the same kind of salary & have recurring fears? The Chakra cleansing and balancing meditation is ideal for you.

Quick Benefit: Create new patterns, a new YOU!

You will learn to use meditation everyday in order to be more focused at the office, more calm and loving in your relationships and tap into your creativity.

Easy Meditations ~ photoYou will discover how to use your guides to help you create the reality you want. By meeting your guides you also get to open your life for its purpose and find direction to achieve this.

You will know how and when to cleanse your Chakras - not to mention maintain Chakra balance. You know those off days you just can't put your fingers on? Make sure you check your Chakras.

Quick Benefit: Unblock Emotional blockages

Learn how many lives you can positively influence within your circle of friends and family by using meditation. Help your family become less anxious and lower stress for exams, school, work, traffic and more...

Learn to manifest abundance, health, happiness, good relationships and success!

Find out how easy it can be to get your creativity on overdrive & to keep your energy levels going on a tough day or just when you need it!

You don't need to spend hours doing meditation. If you use a car you're bound to be stuck in traffic. Traffic alone is enough stress for me and you and I have to go through that stressful experience everyday. Get some balance in the rush hour by putting on one of the Meditation MP3 files while on public transport during your commute.

(We don't recommend listening to the Meditation MP3 audio files while driving or operating machinery.)

There is no daily routine of meditating, chakra cleansing & balancing if you don't want to. It is recommended though. But that all is a very personal decision you need to make in order to achieve your goals whether they be about more energy, more calm, less stress, increased creativity and even healing of past events, emotions & hurts.

Quick Benefit: Open, loving relationships

Along with the reward of focus, direction and calm being more ALIVE projects from you to people, friends, family, children and life partners. The finest fruit, a loving and respectful relationship, results from being balanced & open. Meditating can help you improve your relationships with loved ones & with yourself!

Easy Meditations ~ photo


Was $97!

For a limited LAUNCH time only

You too can...

Live Your Best LIFE...

Find your life purpose

Heal hurtful emotions

Increase your Career performance

Create a better work-life balance

Attract your ideal partner

Attract the job you want

Unblock your creative energy

Improve your marriage

Find success & wellbeing

De-stress & lower anxiety

Open your creativity & find healing

or just be happier

Just like you employ a personal trainer to help you optimise your physical strength and well being, so a guided meditation can help you clarify & balance all aspects of your life! More and more science proves that the internal workings of the body and mind have a major influence on our life experience.

Add Millennium Meditations to cart

For Beginners, Start Meditating with MP3s!

Hi Dina,

"I don't know if you will remember me but some months ago you asked how i was getting on with meditation."

"I was at a stage in my life having dedicated 15 years to bringing up my two daughters on my own, that I did not know anything about me and my life."

"Initially I found I was getting nowhere with meditation but after words of encouragement from you I persevered."

"I started to feel benefits in all aspects of my life, a real awareness of simple day to day things I had not noticed before.

"I bought your re-awaking cd and that has been the key to unlocking my feelings, emotions and understanding of my passions." 

"I find your voice (or maybe not as the case may be) so clear, caring and motivating."

"I do know I still have a lot to learn but I have a confidence and belief I did not have before. For example I know I will attract a life partner in time whereas before I really did feel it would not happen."

"So Dina, this is really just a very long winded way of saying thank you for your words of inspiration."

with very best wishes,



Discover where energy is blocked in your system,  helping you to understand how this is contributing to your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease.

Then you will channel healing energy to release the blockages, freeing you to change or release old patterns, thereby healing and empowering yourself!!

If you find yourself not knowing the purpose of your existence feeling unfulfilled in your life, your work, your relationships, finding it difficult to release the past and live fully in the present moment with love, joy and spontaneity.

Benefit: Great to Meditate to find success, healing & focus!

Research has shown that meditation is one of the best and most effective ways to:

  • decrease stress
  • improve health
  • enhance creativity
  • increase vitality and general happiness and wellbeing
  • facilitate self-healing.

     So why not invest in your health, happiness and wellbeing?


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A mother at my children’s school bought my Meditation CD because she had heard me talking about meditation and the benefits that I derive from it, and thought that she should try it.

She started waking up early before her family were up, and meditating. She found that she absolutely loved this time of peace and solitude. No demands. No noise. She started to feel calmer, yet energised during the day. She was more patient with her children and generally happier within herself. Her husband and children noticed the difference in her and were curious.

She decided to play one of the meditations for the whole family. To her surprise, they loved it. Her husband started meditating regularly in the evenings and most surprising of all — her children started to ask for the CD to be put on before they went to bed at night.

This soon became their nightly ritual, with the children falling asleep to Millennium Meditations. (The children slept very well!)

Dina Cramer - Owner of Millennium Meditations



Rob’s story...

Rob came to see me for healing. He felt tired, anxious and depressed. He was having financial difficulties, was demotivated at work and very stressed. On examination, I found that his chakra system was completely blocked.

I did a healing for him and recommended that he do the chakra cleansing and balancing meditation regularly until our next appointment.

Rob said: “I did the meditation a couple of times during the week. I was amazed at how powerful it was. I had more energy and felt fired up and motivated at work. I no longer felt anxious and stressed, I felt strangely calm and peaceful. But the thing that surprised me most was that I could feel a difference in the quality of those days when I didn’t meditate."

"So I committed myself to making a real effort to meditate every day. In fact, on one of the days that I meditated, I had my financial problems on my mind. I was seriously considering doing the second meditation in which you set your intentions and release them to the universe, but because you had specifically told me to concentrate on the chakra cleansing and balancing meditation, I decided instead to let the issue go and meditate."

"To my surprise, that day my father phoned up with a business proposal that sorted out my financial problem immediately.”


There are many more stories like Rob’s. Keeping your chakras cleansed and balanced helps you to stay healthy on many different levels and can bring about amazing shifts and ‘miracles’ in your life. It helps to heal physical illness, emotional and mental distress, and most of all it provides your system with enough energy to give you a general sense of well-being.

Add to cart the Millennium Meditations

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You Get these

Free Bonus materials as well...

Wealth Esteem Mindset Mastery Audio Bonus

This audio transforms mental barriers to Claiming Your Wealth.

raining_money1In order to receive the wealth you have been asking for, you must claim it, step up and BE ready for it.

Your mindset must be set to see and believe that you already have the wealth and feel comfortable with it. Use this to melt away your old self esteem blocks to claiming your Wealth.

Attune your Wealth Attracting Vibe.

By Nan Akasha , CHT

Wealth Esteem Coach, Author, Speaker, Healer Value $47


Bonus 7 Steps to Soaring Self Esteem

7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem and Success Achievers’ Club Membership ($129 Value)

7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem is the insightful, eye-opening audio program based on the internationally best-selling book, “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness.

  • Learn the reasons why this program has been the primary guide for thousands to totally improve their lives by elevating their self-esteem. Healthy Self-Esteem is the #1 factor for all successes in life! Get this Complimentary MP3 Audio Program Now and You will Find Out the secrets to healing your past, stopping the downward spiral of self-sabotage, and the step by step process of creating extreme self-esteem.

PLUS – You’ll receive a 1 Year Subscription to The Success Achievers Club – filled with wisdom, insightful articles, tips, free and discounted offers for those interested in possessing Extreme Self-Esteem and maximizing their happiness, success, wealth, and personal effectiveness.

Free Bonus # 3:

Q132 - 132 Quotes For Motivation & Inspiration- Downloadable Ebook

132 Great Quotes for Motivation & In

Q132 is a collection of truly inspiring quotes from the great leaders of our time and beyond (Wayne Dyer, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela,  Mother Theresa,  and many many more!).  The thoughts contained in this book will  help you counteract negative thoughts and reprogram your mind to think the way that some of the happiest, most successful people think.

Once you buy the Millennium Meditations these amazing revealing and powerful Free Bonuses are YOURS to download!


Now for the Special Limited Time Only!

Was $97! NOW JUST $49!

What do you get for just $49?

Practical Beekeeping bee book set

Order the Millennium Meditation

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Take Advantage NOW before the price goes back to...$97!!

Your copy of Millennium Meditations (a pdf version of the book) with 4 Fantastic Meditation MP3s will be made available to you instantly via the web as a pdf file & MP3s even if it's 3am!

No Questions Asked... Unconditional 60 Day

Money Back Guarantee!

You only have one opportunity to make your decision and if you are not TOTALLY convinced by the power of the Millennium Meditations PDF & Meditation MP3s, we'll speedily refund every penny of your small investment towards your health.

No quibbles. No questions.60 days from now, you are either experiencing great experiences as you meditate using the MP3 audio files and exercise the meditation techniques inside Millennium Meditations ebook or YOU PAY NOTHING.

To put it bluntly, we are willing to shoulder all the risk while you FREELY test-drive the Millennium Meditations PDF & set of 3 Meditation MP3s and make money when you start reaping rewards in the process.

Listen, it's your decision... these meditating MP3s WILL be taken extremely fast and whether it's you or someone you know, we all could do with more calm, less stress and focused thinking.

The smart people will take this opportunity and have direct access to our plan for you to heal emotions, find your life purpose & lower stress.

In fact, once you discover the simple meditations we use, nothing or no-one will be able to keep you from all the success and health you deserve.

Truthfully, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. It's only for the person who is ready to take their rightful place as a fully enlightened person and is willing to do whatever it takes to finally Start Your Life anew with high energy and creativity packed with love ...

Don't Delay Your Success Any Longer...

Delivery time will vary depending on the type and quality of computer equipment and internet connection. The download page is available immediately the moment you decide to input your payment details and submit. The file size of the eBook is 500Kb in size.

Each MP3 audio file is an estimated 20MB in size and will take about 15 min to download. You will also need an MP3 player or equivalent music/pc equipment in order to listen to the meditation MP3 files.

Let's introduce Dina Cramer ~

The Millennium Meditations Author & Coach!


P.S. I am a facilitator and personal life trainer specialising in meditation techniques, healing and chakra meditations.

P.S.S I also offer courses to learners that want additional face to face experience with their journey to health purpose and balance.

P.S.S My book has been published and is available in bookstores and from me in printed format. I've been interviewed on International TV station SABC on DSTV. I've also had interviews on radio and written for health websites.

P.S.S.S I also have other meditation MP3s that focus on stress management, Chakras and more that are sold in retail shops around the country.

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