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Meditation is a powerful tool for self-development and healing. It involves quietening the mind in order to gain access to our higher self — that part of us that is divinely connected — connected to a higher wisdom, a higher consciousness.

It is in this state that we go beyond the constant hammering of our conscious thoughts, beyond the illusions of life that limit us, in order to discover the deeper whisperings of our soul.

Our conscious thoughts (or ego) often keep us engaged in repetitive patterns of limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Once you go beyond the conscious mind, you are able to more clearly see the illusions that hold you back, and you move into a space where you choose whether to hold on to these limiting patterns or to release them and move forward with your life — to empower yourself.

When you are in a meditative state, you have gone beyond a physical reality into an energy or spiritual reality.

In this reality anything is possible — you are limitless.



The new millennium brings with it a shift in consciousness, creating a spiritual awakening. It ALSO brought its own challenges over booms & economic recessions that caused much anxiety, stress and depression.

You may have experienced high and low emotions, relationships that came and went. Stress and anxiety causes strain on all areas of your life and healing of any kind brings therapy & balance to life.

People are realizing that meditation is a powerful tool for healing & self-development.

Anyone with heartache over a recent breakup or divorce could use meditation as a way to get through the emotions and hurt to start healing.

Discover how meditation has successfully helped many people reach a higher state of enlightenment and understand that you can change your life.

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Meditation MP3

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Take your share of the self help industry now by marketing a fantastic product with a 96pg PDF as well as 4 x Meditation MP3 audio files produced and recorded by a practicing Chakra Meditation specialist.

Each Meditation MP3 focuses on different aspects and they are all longer than 10 minutes each. See the personal feedback and testamonial below...

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"I bought the Millennium Meditations MP3 pack when it first came out in order to prepare myself mentally, physically and spiritually for the new millennium. I was impressed by the fact that there were four separate meditation MP3s, all for different purposes and all about the right length for me. I tend to fall asleep if they are too long."

"I immediately connected with Dina’s soothing voice, such a change from the transatlantic accents on other meditation CDs or MP3s. I found that I was able to go quite deep very quickly, something I had always struggled with being a bit of a beginner at meditation."

"I am not ashamed to say that I became addicted to Dina’s lovely voice and her meditations. Not only did I enjoy the actual listening experience but found that the desired changes were starting to happen in my life. I played the Meditation MP3s on CD almost every day for years, so much so in fact that I “wore it out” and had to contact Dina to get another one as I couldn’t find it in the shops or at the spiritual fayres."

"In the meantime I bought two other CDs from local retailer from another company just for chakra cleansing, but they were a waste of money. I tried them a few times but without success. I was so glad when the replacement Meditation CD arrived, and realised how much I had missed it. Two of my chakras had become completely blocked and I was feeling “out of sorts”. "

"Thank you Dina for helping me to meditate effectively and for helping me to achieve a more positive outlook in all aspects of my life."

Tony Hayward ~ Feb 2009



HERE'S WHAT'S TO KNOW about Millennium Meditations...

The Millennium Meditations book is packed with meditation techiques for healing, finding your guides & breaking bad cycles. Once you start a daily meditation , you can reap rewards & benefits many times over for very little effort on your part. PLUS your customers also get 3 x Meditation MP3 files!

In our Introduction of Millennium Meditations we go right into WHY IT'S SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO MEDITATE?

How to meditate on page 23

How meditation changed my life we cover on page 32

In the first section of Millennnium Meditations we START THE JOURNEY into MEDITATION!

Chapter 2 focuses on CONNECTING TO YOUR GUIDES & receiving guidance for the new Millennium is on page 35

We discuss EXACTLY What are Guides on page 36

You find out how to use Prayer for receiving Guidance 37

Find out about Meeting your Guides on page 38

Receiving messages from your Guides 40

The prayer gesture is explained on page 45

IN CHAPTER 2, LEARN ABOUT CREATING YOUR REALITY — Intentions for the New Millennium 47

How to go about Creating your reality you want pg.50

How your Thoughts play a 51

Words become vital on pg 52

Your Actions determine so much pg 55

Trust, faith and gratitude 57

Making space for our creations 58

Fear, power and physical seductions 59

Surrendering personal will to Divine Will 61

Working with intentions 64  



The power of love 70

Love vs. fear 71

Unconditional love 72



What are chakras? 77

Rainbow colours 82

Location of chakras 82

The spin of chakras 83

The Chakras: Root, sacral, solar plexus, heart,

throat, third eye and crown 85

Working with the chakras 98


Bottom line: It's quite revealing!!


...When We Reveal How Much YOU will benefit You Probably Won't Believe Us!

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Negative emotions, thoughts and events are stored in the cells of the physical body and in the energy body. Meditation creates a space where the body can let go of these toxins in order to facilitate healing.

This healing can occur on many different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Meditation leaves one with a sense of lightness, vitality and well-being. A feeling of bliss!

The benefits of meditation are numerous. Meditation has been shown to:

• decrease stress (the number one cause of illnesses),
• enhance creativity,
• increase vitality,
• and facilitate self-healing.

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You too can help others...

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Find their life purpose

Heal hurtful emotions

Increase their Career performance

Create a better work-life balance

Improve their marriage

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Find success & wellbeing

De-stress & lower anxiety

Open their creativity & find healing

or just be happier


More REAL LIFE testamonials for you to make use of...

A mother at my children’s school bought my Meditation CD because she had heard me talking about meditation and the benefits that I derive from it, and thought that she should try it.

She started waking up early before her family were up, and meditating. She found that she absolutely loved this time of peace and solitude. No demands. No noise. She started to feel calmer, yet energised during the day. She was more patient with her children and generally happier within herself. Her husband and children noticed the difference in her and were curious.

She decided to play one of the meditations for the whole family. To her surprise, they loved it. Her husband started meditating regularly in the evenings and most surprising of all — her children started to ask for the CD to be put on before they went to bed at night.

This soon became their nightly ritual, with the children falling asleep to Millennium Meditations. (The children slept very well!)

Dina Cramer - Owner of Millennium Meditations



Rob’s story...

Rob came to see me for healing. He felt tired, anxious and depressed. He was having financial difficulties, was demotivated at work and very stressed. On examination, I found that his chakra system was completely blocked.

I did a healing for him and recommended that he do the chakra cleansing and balancing meditation regularly until our next appointment.

Rob said: “I did the meditation a couple of times during the week. I was amazed at how powerful it was. I had more energy and felt fired up and motivated at work. I no longer felt anxious and stressed, I felt strangely calm and peaceful. But the thing that surprised me most was that I could feel a difference in the quality of those days when I didn’t meditate."

"So I committed myself to making a real effort to meditate every day. In fact, on one of the days that I meditated, I had my financial problems on my mind. I was seriously considering doing the second meditation in which you set your intentions and release them to the universe, but because you had specifically told me to concentrate on the chakra cleansing and balancing meditation, I decided instead to let the issue go and meditate."

"To my surprise, that day my father phoned up with a business proposal that sorted out my financial problem immediately.”



Meditations Mp3s

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Selling for $49! Your Commission = $25 per sale!

Practical Beekeeping bee book set

Promote's Millennium Meditation pack!



You will also need an MP3 player or equivalent music/pc equipment in order to listen to the meditation MP3 files.

To contact us send email to:info @


P.S. I am a facilitator and personal life trainer specialising in meditation techniques, healing and chakra meditations.

P.S.S I also offer courses to learners that want additional face to face experience with their journey to health purpose and balance.

P.S.S My book has been published and is available in bookstores and from me in printed format. I've been interviewed on International TV station SABC on DSTV. I've also had interviews on radio and written for health websites.

P.S.S.S I also have other meditation MP3s that focus on stress management, Chakras and more that are sold in retail shops around the country.




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