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Moving into the Fourth Dimension    

Money problems? Relationship problems? Sick? Tired? Depressed?

Take a look at the positive side…

Could it be that the difficulties you are experiencing lately are part of a major cleansing process that is preparing you for greater spiritual growth?…The shift to the Fourth Dimension… Just as the earth is experiencing earthquakes, floods, and fires, so we are experiencing them on a personal level. As human beings we are evolving and progressing to higher levels of consciousness- we are moving from the Third Dimension (3D) to the Fourth Dimension.

The Fourth Dimension (4D) is a dimension of reality which mediates between physical and spiritual reality. To explain this more simply: Imagine that we are living inside a radio. Our reality has been tuned to a specific frequency for a long, long time. However, now we are being tuned into a different, higher frequency where the programming and information is different to what we have been experiencing.

Our whole reality is changing. Things that we believed to be true are no longer true. As we move to a higher frequency, our former reality falls away. We are able to see things we could not see before, do things we that before would have seemed impossible.

The shift to the Fourth Dimension corresponds to the opening of our (the human race's) collective Fourth Chakra (the Heart Chakra). The Heart Chakra mediates between the lower three chakras, which relate to the physical realm and the upper three chakras, which relate to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, as we shift to the Fourth Dimension, we are moving from a physical reality to a more spiritual/ energy based reality. A reality where we begin to understand and use energy-based principles. Where we discard a lot of our former physically based beliefs and perceptions.

The shift to the 4D has been happening for a long time, but it is speeding up now. As it is speeding up, so our unresolved issues are coming up faster and stronger (maybe in the same form, maybe in different forms) in order to be dealt with and released. Therefore we need to be clearing out issues which are still blocking our lower chakras.

Our issues/ blockages are being shown to us primarily in our physical body's (by way of dis-ease), relationship or money spheres of our lives, because dis-eases, relationships and money are physical manifestations of energy/ spiritual principles. They show us how we are using/ abusing energy principles in our lives.

Therefore it is through these vehicles that we can recognize and learn our spiritual lessons. They provide us with a forum to put our spiritual lessons to practical, physical use.

The Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra) deals with issues of unconditional love and forgiveness. It teaches us to approach everything and everyone in our lives with love. That is why we are going through so much emotional upheaval. It is no co-incidence that the first baby born this year, who had international media exposure, needed to have heart surgery.

Symbolically, we all need to undergo heart surgery. We need to heal and open our hearts. That is why people are experiencing relationship problems and re-visiting childhood/ past issues. These issues need to be brought up in order to be healed and thereby cleansed from our systems.

We cannot make the shift burdened and heavy. But most of all we need to remember to be loving and gentle towards ourselves and those affected by our process.




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