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Article # 4

What Is Inner Child Work?




The Inner Child is a universal archetype, which means that it exists within each and every one of us. It is the part of us that links to the energy of “child”. Therefore it is not only related to our own childhood memories and experiences but to everything we have been taught and believe to be true of children.

Inner child work involves healing of childhood traumas, and getting in touch with and healing aspects of yourself that you have shut off and hidden from yourself and the world, but that still exist within your system. These aspects of ourselves have been shut out due to childhood trauma, other people’s reprimands and ridicule.

Imagine that as a child you lived in a beautiful palace. There were a multitude of different rooms and you loved them all equally. There was an ANGRY room, a LOVING room, a SELFISH room, a NAUGHTY room, a COMPASSIONATE room, a CREATIVE room etc. Each room was unique and different and you loved them all in their own way.

As we grow up people visit our palace and judge our rooms. They don’t like our rooms: they tell us that our ANGRY, SELFISH and NAUGHTY rooms are bad and that we need to change them, shut the door before people see them and then dislike us.

We get hurt by allowing people into our LOVING room and then they take advantage of the beauty there and hurt us, so we close the door for fear of being hurt again. And so one at a time we close the doors of our palace so that we can feel safe and secure and please everyone, until eventually we are living in a one bed roomed apartment.

However, a part of ourselves get locked away in every room that we close and that part of ourselves continually tries to get our attention in the hope that we will open the door and embrace this part of ourselves. We sense this knocking because we feel incomplete: we feel lonely, lost and restricted and we try to fill these empty emotional spaces with relationships, work, and material things.

But this emptiness never goes away. We cannot fill it with something outside of ourselves. We have to fill it with ourselves. Inner child work is a voyage of discovery to find and heal lost aspects of yourself. Therefore, Inner Child work is akin to soul retrieval work.

Inner child work also awakens within you that simple but powerful wisdom that children have- the ability to speak truthfully from the heart and the knowledge of what is best for you.

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